Release the Risk Register - Letter to Liberal Democrat MPs

Liberal Left has today sent a letter to all Liberal Democrat MPs urging them to sign the Early Day Motion which calls for the rick register for the Health and Social Care Bill to be released to the public:
As you are probably aware there is an EDM (2659) calling for the release of the risk register on the Health and Social Care Bill. We are delighted to see that 11 of our MPs have already signed, but would urge you all  to sign it. With even Conservative Home coming out against the Health and Social Care Bill last week we must as a party surely be seen as standing up for our values on this.
Regardless of your view on the bill and its future, the refusal of the government to release the risk register and our apparent complicity with this, undermines our manifesto commitment to transparency on the one hand, and leaves the question hanging in the air – ‘So what are they afraid of?’ – on the other.
With concerns already being raised (see yesterday’s Guardian) claiming that the bill could harm patient care and increase costs it is surely imperative that the risk register is published.
We understand that next week there will be an opposition debate on this issue – while there will no doubt be a 3 line whip – please consider the deep unease this issue is creating, both in the country and the party before you vote.
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