Liberal Left is initiated by Liberal Democrats who oppose the party’s membership of the Coalition.  It is open to all who seek co-operation across the liberal left in order to provide an alternative to the current government.

Our founding position statement is available here.  Read Linda Jack’s Guardian and  Liberal Democrat Voice articles about our launch.
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SLF presentation on amendments to Strenghtening the UK Economy

If you are going to be at the Economy debate on Monday you may find this excellent presentation explaining the two SLF amendments useful.

Beating the Welfare Bigots

Andrew Toye writes:

The Conservatives in government have decided that their main target for cuts is what they call “welfare”. (Social security for working-aged people, not state pensions, education or the NHS.) In other words, the pillar of the Welfare State that Liberals were responsible for from the 1940’s.

George Osborne’s comments, originally in August [...]

Nick Clegg - Staking his Leadership on the Economy Motion?

With the publication of the conference agenda yesterday the most striking discovery was that Nick Clegg appears to be staking his leadership on the Economy Motion (F19). It is unprecedented in the history of the Lib Dems for a leader to submit and summate on a motion. The last time a leader intervened in a [...]

Letter to Vince Cable

One of our members, John Cole, was at SLF Conference in Manchester on Saturday – he has kindly allowed us to publish the letter he subsequently wrote to Vince Cable


Dear Dr Cable


I was present when you gave your presentation of the Social Liberal Forum in Manchester on Saturday.   Thank you [...]

A Sad Farewell to Richard Grayson

Many of you may have read Richard Grayson’s article on Comment is Free this morning explaining why he is not renewing his Liberal Democrat membership. As a result he has also stood down from his position on Liberal Left Exec. I know I speak for us all in saying how sad that is and what a [...]